How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Subaru

Subaru owners love their pets as much (or more) than their dependable all-wheel drive vehicles, but sometimes pets leave a little too much of themselves behind in your car. If you have a pet that sheds, you know what we’re talking about: Those hairs that seem to weave their way into the car’s upholstery and glue themselves to the dashboard.

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All that pet hair can be unsightly, but there are ways to remove it–and prevent it from getting there in the first place. Subaru of Morristown loves pets, as evidenced by our commitment to local shelters, so here’s a few simple tools and tips from us for how to keep your car, pup, and kitty all in harmony.

Get a Small Vacuum

This is the most obvious one, but it’s the most important. An affordable, rechargeable wireless vacuum that can be stashed under a seat or in the trunk will prove to be an invaluable asset for sucking up those light hairs your pet drops on the surface of the upholstery.

Use a Wire Brush

Unfortunately, not all hairs are easy to suck up with a vacuum. Some pets just have stubborn hair that gets stuck easily. For that, you’ll want a good wire brush to loosen them up so they can be picked up or vacuumed out. This is only for those with cloth interior, however: Don’t destroy your leather over some pet hairs.

Try a Balloon

Static can work, and an inflated rubber balloon is actually a clever, non-invasive way to pick up stray pet hairs from hard surfaces and headrests. Give it a shot!

Use a Dryer Sheet on the Dash

For dust, pollen, and of course pet hair, a standard dryer sheet is great for cleaning off hard surfaces like the dashboard and console. It’ll easily cling to loose hairs so you can wipe them out of sight with a flick of the wrist.

Preventing Pet Hair in the Car

Naturally you can do the same things you do to keep your pet from distributing hairs all over your house, like bathing and brushing them frequently to minimize shedding. But beyond that, you can also buy a seat cover to keep those pesky fibers from scattering all over the interior itself. Many of those covers can cover the entire backseat, wrapping around the headrests, and can be easily removed to shake out or vacuum up.

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Pet hairs aren’t just unsightly, they can also clog up the cabin air filter and produce odors or prevent your AC and heat from working to their fullest potential. If you’ve been lax about your furry friend’s vehicular shedding situation and need a your filter replaced, or if your pup-and-people-mover needs any other mechanical work, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with the experienced team at our Mendham area Subaru service center.

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How Do I Find The Right Tire Pressure For My Car

Why Service With Subaru of Morristown In New Jersey

If you’ve noticed your steering has been a little slow, your car is lower to the ground than usual, or your gas mileage is lacking lately, you may need to check your tire pressure. When you check your tire pressure, you’ll gain valuable information about your tires – especially if there’s a problem – but it’s also important to know the correct tire pressure for your car. Our Subaru tire center in New Jersey is here to help.

Get The Most Out Of Your Tires In New Jersey

If you want to keep your gas mileage and your tires from suffering, it’s important that your tires are filled to the correct tire pressure. Keeping your tires at the correct pressure will prevent them from deteriorating prematurely. You can find the correct tire pressure for your car right inside on the driver’s side door. The recommended tire pressure will be written there, and those are the numbers you should follow when filling up your tires.

How Do I Find The Right Tire Pressure For My Car

Newer vehicles will have the recommended tire pressure written on a sticker on the driver’s side door. If you can’t seem to find a sticker, you can find the tire pressure in your owner’s manual. Tire pressure is measured in psi, or pounds per square inch. For most vehicles, the recommended tire pressure is between 32 psi and 35 psi. When your tires are cold, the tire pressure and temperature will increase as the friction between them and the road increases. Park your car overnight or for at least a couple hours in order to get an accurate reading of your tire pressure.

Make sure you do not overinflate your tires, as this will negatively affect your ride. Your tires could wear down much faster if they are under-inflated. The experts at our service center will be happy to check your tires for you and replace them if necessary.

If you have any questions or if you’re in need of new tires, don’t hesitate to contact us at our New Jersey Subaru dealership today.

Spring Maintenance Tips for your Car

We’ve made it through another long, cold New Jersey winter. Now it’s time to make sure your car did, too. Here’s what to do (and look out for) as we move into a windows-down spring and a summer full of roadtrips.

Check Tire Pressure

Everyone knows that you’ve got to check your tire pressure, and usually put some air in them, when it first gets cold. Well, the reverse is also true: When the temperature warms up, your tire pressure goes up too, and you don’t want to be driving around on overfilled tires. So make it a point to check the recommended air pressure in your owner’s manual and then let out some air if need be. And if your tires are looking a little ragged, Subaru of Morristown offers great replacement Subaru tires at good prices.

Clean that Car!

It hasn’t been the snowiest winter in recent memory, but your car still got plenty of exposure to road salt, gravel, and ice this winter. All that can corrode your vehicle’s handsome paint job, so give it a thorough bath this spring and then a nice coat of wax to protect it from whatever the summer sun has to offer.

Have it Inspected

Winter isn’t just rough on your car’s exterior. Freezing temperatures and rough roads can spell trouble for it mechanically, and it isn’t uncommon for cars to pick up squeals, squeaks, creeks, and other unpleasant noises after the colder months. Beneath those annoying sounds could be actual operating issues, so make sure your suspension, engine, drivetrain, and brakes are all in good working order before making big summer driving plans. Your steering might need to be aligned, and it might be time for an oil change. And if anything needs to be addressed, get on it sooner rather than later by finishing our Mendham area service center.

Check Wiper Blades

This might seem like an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be. Frigid temperatures, the resulting thaw, can cause those thin rubber wiper blades to split and crack. Wipers are a quick, easy replacement, but they make a world of difference when spring showers and punishing summer thunderstorms roll through our area, so give them a look, too!

Excellent Car Service near Mendham

Whatever your vehicle needs this spring and summer, make sure you don’t ignore it. Get your car serviced by the best at our Mendham area Subaru service center. From routine maintenance to major fixes, we’re the ones to trust with your beloved vehicle. Schedule your appointment online today!

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