Will A Reusable Engine Air Filter Really Get Better Gas Mileage?

Subaru air filter for sale near Parsippany

Engine air intake filters are important for making sure your engine is “breathing” clean air, for proper function and ventilation. They should be changed frequently to maintain top-notch performance. 

Some brands offer reusable engine air filters, which can be cleaned rather than replaced, and claim that they can do a number of things like increase horsepower, acceleration, and, in particular, gas mileage. So are those claims true? The team here at Subaru of Morristown’s Parsippany area service center is here to take a look.

The Truth About Reusable Engine Air Intake Filters

Reusable engine air filters are made from a special material that can be cleaned, either by hand or using a compressed air hose, and reinserted under the hood for further use. They may offer respectable performance–though some studies have found they can allow even more dirt and grime into the engine than traditional disposable filters.

The idea that reusable air filters provide enhanced performance and gas mileage, however, is even more dubious. Nothing has proven any enhanced performance, and EPA testing showed that even clogged-up conventional air filters displayed no significant loss in gas mileage when compared with their reusable counterparts. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours as for what air filter you want to use in your Subaru. The reusable filter may last longer, but it adds a bit of hassle with having to clean it repeatedly. For a simple, straightforward conventional air filter change, schedule service with Subaru of Morristown. 

And if you’re the type to make those changes yourself, no sweat: We won’t hold it against you. But we will suggest getting in touch with our Subaru parts department to get your hands on a great new air filter for your vehicle!

How to Jump Start Your Car Battery

If you ever get behind the wheel only to find that your vehicle won’t start, there are a number of things that it could be. One of the most common reasons, as you may know, is a dead battery. If this is the case, simply jumping your car may be all you need to get back on your way rather than waiting for a tow truck.

Subaru service near Parsippany

At our Parsippany area Subaru service center, we firmly believe that every driver should know how to jump start a vehicle if they need arises.

The first step is to have jumper cables. If you don’t already have a set in your trunk, we recommend picking them up and having them handy before you need them. If your car dies while you’re out in the world, it’s easier to finding a volunteer to help jump your car than it is to find someone who has cables.

Getting Your Subaru Moving Near Parsippany

Begin by positioning the cars so that the batteries are within reach of the cables, but not so close that the two vehicles are touching. Then, with both vehicles turned off, connect the cables in the following order:

  • Red clip to positive terminal of the dead vehicle
  • Red clip to positive terminal of the jumper vehicle
  • Black clip to negative terminal of the jumper vehicle
  • Black clip to an unpainted metal surface of the dead vehicle

Once the cables are connected, start the jumper vehicle and wait a few minutes before attempting to start your vehicle. If your vehicle starts, disconnect the cables. If it doesn’t, allow the jumper car to run for a few more minute before trying again. If it still won’t start, your battery may not be the problem.

Parsippany area Subaru battery maintenance

If your vehicle does start, don’t turn it off right away. Drive for at least 20 minutes or so so that your alternator can recharge the battery. It’s also a good idea to head to our Subaru service facility near Parsippany for a battery check to make sure your dead battery wasn’t a symptom of a larger problem.

For more information on your car’s electrical system and how to avoid potential problems, be sure to reach out to us! You can contact Subaru of Morristown online or call our team at (866) 910-3466 today!

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