Diagnosing Your Subaru’s Warning Lights Near Madison

Considering how much time you spend behind the wheel, you might sometimes catch yourself wishing that your car could talk–especially if it wants to tell you that there’s a problem. While this certainly might be helpful, the team at our Subaru service center near Madison knows that even if you’re Subaru can’t talk, it can communicate.

Through the lights on your dashboard, your Subaru can tell you a lot. Even if you don’t necessarily know what each of the lights means, you should know that these lights are important. After all, this is your vehicle’s way of telling you that something under the hood likely needs attention, and it’s trying to tell you this before the problem becomes more severe. Make sure not to ignore these indicators.

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Some lights, like the indicators for your headlights, fog lights, or high beams, are likely already familiar to you. Others, like the low fuel or washer fluid lights, are things you know how to address. When an unfamiliar light starts to flash or illuminate, though, it likely means that you’re due for repairs or maintenance at our Subaru service department near Madison.

Making Sense of Your Dashboard

Some lights that you might not be able to address on your own are still fairly easy to understand. The check engine light, for instance, is a clear call for service. But what about some of the more arcane signs?

Subaru warning light service near Madison

A circular icon with an exclamation point in the center is clearly important, but you might not recognize it immediately as a brake system light. It might be illuminated due to your emergency brake being on; if the emergency brake isn’t engaged, though, then this light is a sign of a problem with your brake system.

Another light to be aware of is the AWD light. If it starts to flash, it’s an indicator that your wheels or tires don’t match. This can be caused by using your spare tire. If you’re not using a spare, though, you’re going to want a professional to weigh in and determine what’s causing the issue.

For answers to all of your service and warning light questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Subaru of Morristown team or to schedule a service visit! We invite you to contact us by calling (866) 910-3466 today.

Subaru Dealer Near Madison Helps Drivers Save on Fuel

When you get more out of the fuel you put into your vehicle, you get to save some green while also going green for the environment. This is obviously a win-win, which is why so many drivers are eager to find ways to help maximize their fuel efficiency.

At our Madison area Subaru service center, our technicians are eager to help you stretch your tank further by handling basic maintenance procedures. Properly maintaining your vehicle helps it to run more smoothly, reducing the amount of fuel you use to get going.

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Properly inflating your tires, for instance, allows  your vehicle to travel properly with each rotation; when tires are underinflated, you lose distance with every turn. Routinely changing your vehicle’s oil, oil filter and air filter can also go a long way toward helping it to run more efficiently.

What You Drive and How You Drive It

Of course, no amount of maintenance will help an ancient vehicle to compete with a newer one when it comes to efficiency. If you take a look at the EPA estimates for the latest Subaru vehicles at our Madison area showroom, it’s easy to see that the automaker has been hard at work crafting more efficient powertrains.

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Whatever vehicle you drive, it’s important to keep things steady. Rapid starts and abrupt stops waste valuable energy and drain your mpg. Accelerating evenly and braking early for stop signs and red lights is not only safer, but also helps your car to minimize the amount of fuel it uses.

If you’re eager to go green and get more out of the gas you put into your vehicle, then it’s time to swing by Subaru of Morristown to see what the latest models have to offer! Be sure to contact us online or by calling (866) 910-3466 today to get things started.

Subaru Love Promise Gives Madison Area Shoppers a Reason to Smile

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: Subaru is more than just an automaker! In addition to manufacturing some of the toughest vehicles around, the brand shows off its softer side with the Subaru Love Promise.

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Here at our Madison area Subaru dealership, we’re proud to be affiliated with a company that is unflinchingly dedicated to giving back. When the goal is to give back to the community whenever possible, it’s easy to get into the spirit.

So, how does the Subaru Love Promise work? It’s simple!

A Cycle of Giving Back

When you buy a 2017 Subaru vehicle at our Madison area dealership, you can feel good knowing that Subaru consistently embraces the Subaru Love Promise by giving back to a range of non-profit causes. No matter what causes are important to you personally, there’s sure to be an organization that means something to you!

Subaru Love Promise

Many of the causes that Subaru of America supports fall into a handful of categories. These include healthcare, food banks, education, environmental protection, and animal welfare. Whether it’s by protecting the world around us or by caring for those in need, the goal of the Subaru Love Promise is to create a positive impact.

Over the past two decades, the automaker has done exactly that. Subaru of America and its individual retailers have donated over $93 million and logged over 34,000 volunteer hours over the past 20 years. Of course, the goal is to continue building on that foundation to give back in even bigger ways moving forward!

To learn more about the Subaru Love Promise and how we’re striving to give back here at Subaru of Morristown, reach out to our team! We invite you to contact us online or to give us a call at (866) 910-3466 today.

Subaru Maintenance Tips for Madison Area Drivers

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From time to time, your vehicle needs a bit of tender love and care to be running to the best of its ability. That’s why your Madison area Subaru Service Center recommends checking certain fluids in your car in order to maintain your vehicle’s health. Checking the level of these fluids is not only easy, but takes only a few minutes! The most important fluids every Subaru owner should check is coolant level and brake fluid.

It is a frightening thought driving a car without working brakes. At Subaru of Morristown, we strongly emphasize how important it is to check your brake fluid level monthly. Running your vehicle on low brake fluid can result in the brake pads eventually becoming worn, requiring expensive replacements. While we do not recommend you add brake fluid to your Subaru, you can keep an eye on the level. Make sure you are parked on a level service and lift the hood of your car. Find the brake reservoir and locate the markings on the side of the container. The markings say “min” and “max.” If the fluid level is at the min mark or the brake warning comes on your Subaru dashboard, Madison area drivers should bring their vehicle to a technician as soon as possible.

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How to Check Your Subaru’s Coolant Level

We have all seen that one unfortunate person caught on the side of the road with the car hood popped and the engine excessively smoking. In that scenario, this person did not have enough coolant in the car, which is vital fluid to support the vehicle’s engine temperature. To check your coolant levels, open the hood and find the yellow cap that says “coolant.” The coolant reservoir has “low” and high” tick marks. If the coolant level is at the “low” tick mark, fill it up using a Subaru approved coolant. We suggest checking coolant every fuel stop, but make sure the engine has cooled down. If you are frequently filling your coolant levels or experience an overheating engine, bring you car into Subaru of Morristown where we have experienced technicians ready to assist you and your vehicle’s needs.

If you want more advice or to learn to check other fluids in your car, call (866) 910-3466 or contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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Subaru Drivers Near Madison Get Ready to Hit the Winter Streets

Here in New Jersey, winter is no joke. With cold temperatures and plenty of snow most years, it’s not a time of year that most residents look forward in regards to their time on the road.

Of course, the symmetrical all-wheel drive system of your Subaru makes it a bit easier to brave the cold, particularly if you’ve opted for the added ease that comes with Subaru’s All-Weather Package. So long as you stay on top of routine maintenance at our Madison area Subaru service center, you should have it pretty good this winter.

Getting ready to drive in cold weather

What many of our visitors are unsure about, though, is whether or not to take time to warm up their cars before they hit the road. Fortunately, our certified technicians have the answers.

To Warm Up or Not to Warm Up

There’s a good chance that whoever taught you to drive also suggested giving your vehicle time to warm up before you hit the road, particularly when the weather is cold. The truth is, though, that this advice really only helps for vehicles that have carburetors. We don’t see many carbs at our Subaru service department near Madison, though, since carburetors were replaced with fuel injection systems by just about every automaker by the early ‘90s.

With a carburetor, colder temperatures impact the fuel-to-air ratio until the heat of the engine balances things out. The sophisticated sensors of your electronic fuel injection system don’t have this issue, though, so there’s no need to warm up.

Instead, simply start the car and drive as you normally would. You should avoid revving the engine too hard until things come to temp, and proceed with caution on slippery roads, of course, but otherwise treat a cold weather start like you would any other.

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To learn more about handling cold, snowy roads, or to schedule a service appointment to get your vehicle in top shape for winter, don’t hesitate to contact Subaru of Morristown online or to call our team directly at (866) 910-3466 today!

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