Back To School Carpooling Tips

Back To School Carpooling

As the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer come to a close, your focus is likely shifting to school supplies and class schedules. One of the most common back-to-school routines is carpooling, and our Subaru dealer near Summit is happy to provide you with some helpful tips to make the process that much safer and simpler.

Get Your Carpool Crew Organized

We recommend keeping your kids in the know when it comes to the daily carpool. Remind them who is picking them up and dropping them off – this is particularly important when getting into a new routine at the beginning of the school year. As far as staying in touch with other parents, take a look at the following hints for keeping your carpool group cohesive.

  • Get together to discuss emergency contacts, schedules, routes, and rules.
  • Kids and parents should be on time, and a group text or email can help keep everyone informed of updates or changes.
  • Stick to the schedule. Staying consistent with parents assigned to specific days of the week keeps things easy and can prevent potential mixups and confusion.

Staying Safe in the Car

Safety is key when driving, and Subaru offers a multitude of safety features to keep your entire carpool crew safe. EyeSight® system technology can help prevent a collision through adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and sway warning, pre-collision braking, and pre-collision throttle management. To maximize safety, the following tips are also recommended.

  • Make sure children under 4 feet, 9 inches are buckled into a booster seat and those under the age of 13 sit in the backseat.
  • Follow traffic laws and pay attention to crossing guards and carpool-line monitors.
  • Keep your car in Park until your carpool group is safely inside with seatbelts fastened.

Dropping Off and Picking Up

Drop-off and pickup can require some additional organization, especially for children.

  • Have children enter and exit the vehicle from the curbside.
  • Don’t drive distracted. Kids are counting on your to get them to and from; make sure that you are focused and not answering your phone or changing a song.
  • Do a double-check of the backseat for any belongings that may have been left behind.

Let Subaru of Morristown help keep your carpool safe and organized when driving around Summit this fall. For questions about available safety features, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

What Does the Subaru Keyless Access System Do?

Subaru keyless entry

The days of jamming a key into the car door to open it went out the window years ago when the lock/unlock remote came onto the scene. More recently, the very idea of an ignition key has begun to fade, thanks to keyless access and push-button start.

On new Subaru models, a new available keyless access and start system allows you to simply get into your car and get going as quickly as you can pull a door handle and press a button. 

How Does Subaru Keyless Access Work?

The keyless access system is a safe way to enter your car because the door handles will only open if your key remote is nearby. It sends out radio singles that interact with antennas in the car, notifying your Subaru that it can be unlocked. The same applies for the push-button start system available in many Subaru vehicles. 

The keyless access system can be customized using your Subaru’s computer. With the car on, press “Settings” on the Starlink navigation screen, and then press the “Vehicle Customization” tile. From there, you’ll be able to set how the system works, like whether to allow access to all doors when your remote is in range, or just the driver door.

Keyless access has been available on every Subaru model since 2015, although not necessarily on every trim level. On many models, it’s an option on higher trims. Check out our 2019 Subaru trim level comparisons to see which particular models offer keyless access.

If you need to replace your Subaru remote, head on over to our New Jersey-based Subaru parts department. And if you want to see keyless access, and all of Subaru’s other great technology tools, in person, visit Subaru of Morristown soon!

Spring Maintenance Tips for your Car

We’ve made it through another long, cold New Jersey winter. Now it’s time to make sure your car did, too. Here’s what to do (and look out for) as we move into a windows-down spring and a summer full of roadtrips.

Check Tire Pressure

Everyone knows that you’ve got to check your tire pressure, and usually put some air in them, when it first gets cold. Well, the reverse is also true: When the temperature warms up, your tire pressure goes up too, and you don’t want to be driving around on overfilled tires. So make it a point to check the recommended air pressure in your owner’s manual and then let out some air if need be. And if your tires are looking a little ragged, Subaru of Morristown offers great replacement Subaru tires at good prices.

Clean that Car!

It hasn’t been the snowiest winter in recent memory, but your car still got plenty of exposure to road salt, gravel, and ice this winter. All that can corrode your vehicle’s handsome paint job, so give it a thorough bath this spring and then a nice coat of wax to protect it from whatever the summer sun has to offer.

Have it Inspected

Winter isn’t just rough on your car’s exterior. Freezing temperatures and rough roads can spell trouble for it mechanically, and it isn’t uncommon for cars to pick up squeals, squeaks, creeks, and other unpleasant noises after the colder months. Beneath those annoying sounds could be actual operating issues, so make sure your suspension, engine, drivetrain, and brakes are all in good working order before making big summer driving plans. Your steering might need to be aligned, and it might be time for an oil change. And if anything needs to be addressed, get on it sooner rather than later by finishing our Mendham area service center.

Check Wiper Blades

This might seem like an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be. Frigid temperatures, the resulting thaw, can cause those thin rubber wiper blades to split and crack. Wipers are a quick, easy replacement, but they make a world of difference when spring showers and punishing summer thunderstorms roll through our area, so give them a look, too!

Excellent Car Service near Mendham

Whatever your vehicle needs this spring and summer, make sure you don’t ignore it. Get your car serviced by the best at our Mendham area Subaru service center. From routine maintenance to major fixes, we’re the ones to trust with your beloved vehicle. Schedule your appointment online today!

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