How To Defrost Your Windshield

If you don’t have a garage or the space to keep your car stored away from the winter conditions, you know how much of a pain it is to defrost your windshield on those frigid mornings. Sure, you can use an ice scraper to defrost your vehicle but you’ll likely end up with frozen or frost-bitten fingers and who wants to roll out of bed to exert unnecessary energy and time? Our Subaru of Morristown dealer serving the Parsippany area is here to fill you on in a little trick we’ve stumbled across over our years of research. 

Easily Defrost Your Windshield

While your vehicle’s defrost feature won’t only waste fuel, it’ll also take quite a while to yield significant results and could be the reason you are late to work. Luckily for you, Ken Weathers, a Knoxville, Tennessee, weatherman came up with a simple and cost-effective solution to defrost your vehicle in seconds that doesn’t require any tools or winter gloves. In his studies, Weathers discovered that household items such as isopropyl or rubbing alcohol and water can be mixed together to create a spray that will instantly clear the frost off your windshield. Here’s how it’s done:

Begin by mixing ⅓ part water and ⅔ part isopropyl or rubbing alcohol together into a spray bottle. The next step in the process is to simply spray the solution onto your windshield or windows and you’ll notice that the ice disappears instantly. You’ll now be ready to begin your commute without using any tedious defrosting tools or wasting precious fuel. 

We know the Parsippany area can get cold at times but with rubbing alcohol having a freezing point of 138 degrees below freezing, this windshield defrosting solution can be kept in your vehicle year-round and you won’t need to worry about it freezing up on you. This homemade mixture will also be effective on doors and door handles in the event that they are frozen shut. 

If you have any further questions about defrosting your windshield or would like to speak to a trained professional about our inventory, maintenance services, parts and accessories specials or more, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Subaru of Morristown near Parsippany today! 

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