Subaru Eco-Driving Features

Subaru Eco-Driving Modes

At Subaru of Morristown, we are committed to helping Parsippany drivers understand the environmentally-friendly advantages you access when you get behind the wheel of a Subaru. While fuel economy is important, Subaru takes it the extra mile through innovative Eco-driving features and designs elements that help minimize your carbon footprint. These environmental efforts are just one of the reasons our drivers choose Subaru, so take the opportunity to learn more today. 


Subaru offers SI-DRIVE, a driver-assist system that allows you to select the drive mode that best suits your needs and preferences. Select Intelligent Mode (I) to capitalize on fuel efficiency, or opt for Sport Mode (S) to achieve better acceleration and engine performance. Slip into Sport Sharp Mode (S#), the third and final drive mode, for the most thrilling experience, delivering a direct response to your acceleration. 

Eco Gauge 

Have you ever wondered whether your driving habits are fuel efficient? Subaru has answered that question thanks to an Eco gauge. This feature will let you know when you are driving in an eco-friendly manner, and by keeping your gauge pointer in the “+” range, you are able to improve your fuel efficiency by nearly 5 percent. 

Auto Start Stop

This feature turns off your engine whenever your Subaru comes to a stop, starting up again when you need to get moving. This helps to reduce unnecessary emissions and fuel consumption that occur when driving a vehicle without Auto Start Stop. 

Take Advantage of Eco-Driving Features Near Parsippany

Your new Subaru will be equipped with these environmentally conscious features, getting you where you need to go with lessened impact from emissions. Each Subaru is designed with fuel efficiency in mind, represented by an aerodynamic body and active grill shutter to reduce air resistance. 

If you are looking for a model that performs while also speaking to your desire to protect the environment, look no further than our selection at Subaru of Morristown. For more information or to schedule a test drive, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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