Does My Starter Need to Be Replaced?

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Your car isn’t going anywhere if it can’t start up. Your Subaru’s starter motor is one of a number of components that help get the engine running when you first turn the key. 

Ignition problems are often blamed on the starter (because of the name), but they typically occur elsewhere in the process. Here’s how you can help narrow things down to determine if your starter needs to be replaced.

If you turn the key and nothing happens this typically indicates something electrical. No lights come on, Either your battery is drained–a simple fix that can usually be addressed with a jump start–or another issue in the electrical half of the ignition chain. Those can be tricky to diagnose, but in the very least you can knock “starter motor” off the list.

If you hear a buzzing sound and again, nothing happens, this could mean that the electricity is making it to the starter but failing to get it moving–often, that’s because there isn’t enough power traveling to the starter motor, which is a battery or electrical issue.

If you hear a single loud clicking sound or a grinding noise, these can both indicate a starter motor issue. The clicking can be the result of a bad starter motor and the grinding can indicate that elements within the starter motor are loose.

Ultimately, ignition problems are not always easy to pinpoint. But if you’re having a hard time getting your Subaru started up, it’s important to pay close attention to warning signs like these. That way, when you bring it to our Mendham area Subaru service center, you can give a detailed account of the issue–which makes it much easier for our team to get going on the solution.

Eliminating basics, like a drained battery, can go a long way to helping us determine the issue, plus it’ll save you money. But if you’re having major issues that you can’t find on your own, don’t hesitate to schedule service with us today!

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