How to Maintain Your Radiator

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Your car has a radiator and you don’t know what it does? It’s part of the engine’s cooling system, and it’s vital to keeping your car running smoothly and safely. It takes the coolant that has already run through the system and cools it back down so it can continually keep the engine from overheating.

The radiator doesn’t need constant attention, but it does need some occasional care to keep doing its job successfully. Here’s some tips for keeping your radiator going strong, from the folks here at our Mendham area Subaru service center.

How to Maintain Your Radiator

Make sure your coolant is filled at all times: Look in your Subaru owner’s manual for where to find your coolant reservoir: It’s a clear plastic container with a “Maximum” and “Minimum” fill line on the side. Make sure your level is between those two lines.

Make sure your radiator cap is tight: This is separate from your coolant cap, which will be the plastic cap on a plastic container. The radiator cap is typically steel with a warning label on it, because the contents are pressurized. Do not check your radiator cap immediately after driving, or touch it with your bare hand, because it will be very hot. 

Get your radiator flushed every year: When you go in for yearly service, request that your radiator is flushed to ensure that everything is clean and operating to its fullest potential. You can also have it cleaned out when you come in for your scheduled Subaru oil changes.

Subaru Radiator Service near Mendham

Good radiator health is good engine health, plain and simple. At Subaru of Morristown, we know the specific ins and outs of your Subaru vehicle, and we can replace elements of your cooling system with authentic Subaru parts to keep it running exactly as it should. 

If you’re experiencing overheating issues, don’t wait another day to have your Subaru checked out and serviced, because overheating can be the death of your engine. Schedule your service today!

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