What Does the Subaru Keyless Access System Do?

Subaru keyless entry

The days of jamming a key into the car door to open it went out the window years ago when the lock/unlock remote came onto the scene. More recently, the very idea of an ignition key has begun to fade, thanks to keyless access and push-button start.

On new Subaru models, a new available keyless access and start system allows you to simply get into your car and get going as quickly as you can pull a door handle and press a button. 

How Does Subaru Keyless Access Work?

The keyless access system is a safe way to enter your car because the door handles will only open if your key remote is nearby. It sends out radio singles that interact with antennas in the car, notifying your Subaru that it can be unlocked. The same applies for the push-button start system available in many Subaru vehicles. 

The keyless access system can be customized using your Subaru’s computer. With the car on, press “Settings” on the Starlink navigation screen, and then press the “Vehicle Customization” tile. From there, you’ll be able to set how the system works, like whether to allow access to all doors when your remote is in range, or just the driver door.

Keyless access has been available on every Subaru model since 2015, although not necessarily on every trim level. On many models, it’s an option on higher trims. Check out our 2019 Subaru trim level comparisons to see which particular models offer keyless access.

If you need to replace your Subaru remote, head on over to our New Jersey-based Subaru parts department. And if you want to see keyless access, and all of Subaru’s other great technology tools, in person, visit Subaru of Morristown soon!

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