How to Keep Pets Safe While Driving

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Subaru and Subaru of Morristown both love pets just as much as our customers do. That’s why we partnered with New Jersey’s only true no-kill shelter, Eleventh Hour Rescue, as part of the Subaru Love Promise. That’s why Subaru makes those adorable commercials with the dogs in them. And that’s also why we felt like giving you some helpful tips for when you take your pup or kitty with you on a trip in your Subaru.

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Pet Safety Tips for Road Trips

Bring what you need. Never forget to bring food or snacks for your animal, and have a portable water bowl and water for them so they can stay hydrated. If you’re heading on a longer trip, and especially over state lines, bring along your dog or cat’s vaccination records. And if your animal requires any medications, don’t forget those either.

Make sure your pet is safe and secure. Some pet owners prefer their pet ride in a cage or crate to keep safe. If that’s your choice, make sure the crate itself is flat on either a folded-down rear seat or in the trunk, and isn’t at risk of rolling over or bouncing around. If your pet is too big for a crate, or you trust them to not roam around the cabin too much, make sure they stay put in the back seat. And as much as they may want to taste the rushing air, it isn’t safe to let your pet ride with their head out the window.

Look out for your car, too. Some pets shed. Some have claws that can tear up your seats. And all pets are great at picking up blades of grass or leaves and redistributing them in your home and car. If you’re letting your pet travel outside of a crate, get a good seat cover for your rear seats. That’ll keep the upholstery safe and minimize some of the mess pets can make.

Never, ever leave your pet alone in parked vehicle. In the rare case that it’s a 50 degree day and you just have to run into a gas station for five minutes, it may be admissible. But even on mildly warm sunny days, cars can get dangerously hot very quickly. The same goes for winter cold. Don’t put your furry friend at risk.

A Subaru for You and Your Pets

If you’re looking for a great, rugged car that can stand up to the pet-owner’s lifestyle, you’re looking for a Subaru. And if you’re in New Jersey, your best bet is Subaru of Morristown. Visit us today to see our fantastic selection of new Subaru vehicles!

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