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Like most automakers, Subaru sometimes runs into scenarios where a recall is necessary, whether from small build issues or third-party component problems. Subaru ensures that all vehicles subject to a recall can be repaired at a Subaru service center, typically free of cost.

Here at Subaru of Morristown, we’re proud to offer area drivers service for any vehicle that may’ve been recalled–and we do so quickly. While other local service centers are backed up for months on recall repairs, we’re equipped to quickly and efficiently respond to any Subaru recall that may come up.

Subaru Recall Service in Morristown

That’s because Subaru only allows certain experienced techs to perform recall service, and at Subaru of Morristown we’ve got a staff full of them. Few other service centers can compete with our highly-trained staff, quality of work, or turnaround time.

To see if your vehicle is subject to any Subaru recalls, use our online Subaru recall finder tool. You’ll need to have the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) handy. That can be found on a small plate in the dashboard on the driver’s side (visible from outside of the vehicle looking through the dashboard) or on a placard inside the driver’s side door frame.

If your car needs something done as part of a recall, schedule recall service visit our schedule Subaru service portal. There you’ll be able to easily reserve an appointment that works with your busy schedule.

And even if your car isn’t part of a recall, we still welcome you to bring your Subaru to us for any automotive maintenance needs. Whether it’s major work, new tires, or just small occasional procedures like a necessary oil change, trust the service center at Subaru of Morristown to get it done quickly and correctly. Plus, with our Subaru service specials, you’ll have the opportunity to save even more money on your visit–so check that link before you schedule, since it updates frequently!

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