Packing a First Aid Kit for Your Subaru With Our Parsippany Area Team

You might not think of your car as a place where you tend to encounter many cuts, scrapes, or bruises, but having a first aid kit handy is always a good idea. When you or the ones you’re with get injured, your vehicle is often closer than home. Having basic first aid supplies on hand can go a long way toward minimizing an issue until you get home or, in a worst case scenario, until emergency help arrives.

So, what should you keep on hand? Our Parsippany area Subaru dealership has put together a list of some of the basics to help you stay safe while traveling.

The Basics

Whether you purchase a first aid kit or pack your own, always be sure to have the basics on hand. Antibiotic cream and adhesive bandages, for instance, can turn an unexpected cut or scrape into a non-issue as you go about your day. Similarly, antiseptic wipes, gauze, and medical tape can help you to take care of many minor injuries you might encounter.

First aid kit for your car

In addition to the essentials for cuts and bruises, we suggest packing an instant cold pack and antihistamines. These can help for minor bumps, swelling, and bug bites, respectively.

Your Must-Haves

While these basics that you’ll find in most first aid kits are essential, our Parsippany area Subaru dealer also suggests thinking of your and your family’s unique needs. If you have allergies that can require emergency medication, for instance, keeping them on hand can be a good idea. Just be sure to check with your doctor about how storing them in your vehicle might impact them and how to best transport them, first.

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Of course, your first aid kit is only helpful when it’s handy and stocked. Your Subaru has plenty of cargo space, so be sure to always leave it where you can find it. Always be sure to replace items you use, too; those are the ones you’re most likely to need again!

For more information on traveling safely, don’t hesitate to contact Subaru of Morristown by calling (866) 910-3466. We’re happy to help!

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