Subaru Dealer Near Randolph Helps You Recover From a Day Down the Shore

With the coast so close by, the team at our Subaru dealership serving Randolph knows how much you probably love to spend your summer free time down the shore. Sun and sand are the perfect recipe for a great summer day, but you don’t want to bring a sunburn or too much sand along for the ride when you head back.

Summer weather in your Subaru near Randolph

While we can’t wait do much besides recommend plenty of sunblock to help protect you against sunburn, we can offer our expertise when it comes to getting all of that sand out of your car! After all, you love what your new Subaru from our Randolph area showroom brings to the table, and you want to keep it fresh and comfortable!

Removing Sand From Your Car

Like many of life’s other problems, prevention is the best remedy for sand in your vehicle. Ensuring that everyone brushes sand off of their feet and clothes is easier said than done, though, especially if you have kids or pets. If it’s too late to keep sand out, don’t worry; it’s not too late to clean it up!

Taking care of sand sooner than later is always important. Once sand is in your vehicle, every ride will result in it being ground a bit deeper into the carpet and upholstery. If you can, be sure to remove sand right away to make things easier.

Begin by shaking any loose floor mats or seat covers off outside to remove the bulk of the sand. Think of it like cleaning an area rug; don’t hesitate to hang mats from a clothesline and beat them with a broom, if that’s an option.

Cleaning your car’s interior

Next, use a stiff brush to rub the carpet and bring sand to the surface, vacuuming periodically to remove the loose sand. This can be very repetitive, but eventually you’ll be able to pull all of the sand out of your carpets and enjoy the soft, inviting feel of your car again!

For more information on properly caring for your vehicle, or to schedule a visit in our service center to ensure your car runs right this season, don’t hesitate to contact Subaru of Morristown by calling (866) 910-3466 today!

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