Subaru Shoppers Near Morris Plains Hone In on Advanced Safety Features

With its roots dug deep into aircraft engineering, it goes without saying that Subaru is one automaker that’s positively fixated on safety. From designs centered around your safety to advanced active features, we’re proud to show off all of the brand’s latest innovations at our Morris Plains area Subaru dealership.

So, what makes the Subaru lineup such a solid choice when it comes to your peace of mind? It all stems from the automaker’s four-pronged approach to safety.

Primary Safety

When Subaru considers primary safety, it refers to the actual design of the vehicle itself and the way in which a driver operates it. Inside, this means ergonomic, intuitive controls that make it easy for you to drive the vehicle. Outside, it means a vehicle that’s designed to maximize visibility and to minimize blind spots so that you can be naturally more aware of your surroundings.

2018 Subaru vehicles for sale near Morris Plains

Active Safety

Of course, Subaru vehicles also work to help keep you in control. Active safety features include those that help you to move and stop in the way you intend to. From Subaru’s famous symmetrical all-wheel drive system to Vehicle Dynamics Control with Traction Control, keeping you in control is always the goal.

Preventive Safety

These are the advanced features you probably think of when you think of the latest Subaru vehicles at our Morris Plains area showroom. This includes all of the driver assist features that enhance your awareness on the road, like EyeSight® sensors, as well as autonomous features like pre-collision braking and other extras that help you to steer clear of trouble before it happens.

Subaru safety features

Passive Safety

While the safety features you’re used to, like a carefully designed frame and airbags, might not seem very exciting, it doesn’t make them any less important for your safety on the road. Of course, Subaru is always working to enhance and improve passive safety features like these, too.

Combined, these key facets help to make Subaru vehicles a place where you can feel confident behind the wheel. To learn more, or to come in for a test drive at Subaru of Morristown, be sure to contact us by calling (866) 910-3466 today!

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