Subaru Dealership Near Morris Plains Helps Family Drivers Buckle Up

We know that safety likely played a significant role in your decision to buy a Subaru at our Morris Plains area dealership. That’s especially true if you’re a family driver, which means you’re responsible for keeping the whole crew.

While Subaru vehicles are certainly designed with safety in mind at every juncture, there’s no substitute for an age- and weight-appropriate car seat for any children on board. Of course, you can only count on a child seat to do its job when it’s been installed properly.

Child in car seat

There’s room for user error when installing a child seat, which is why it’s important to take your time and ensure everything is as it should be. Fortunately, the team at our Morris Plains area Subaru dealership is here to help with these handy tips!

Stick to the Script

Any child seat will come with a thorough instruction manual specific to that model of seat. It’s important that you read the instructions and follow them completely. If things don’t seem to line up, don’t improvise; instead, call the number listed on the manual to speak with an expert on the product. They can advise you how to proceed.

2018 Subaru models with LATCH near Morris Plains

In general, new vehicles and car seats are designed to be intuitive and easy to install. Even so, use the instructions; don’t guess.

Have a Pro Double Check Things

Even if you’re confident that everything is installed correctly, there’s no substitute for true peace of mind. Many EMS stations and fire departments offer a courtesy safety seat check. We definitely encourage you to have your child seat double checked after installation to be sure everything is in order.

If you have questions specific to your Subaru vehicle’s LATCH system or other safety features, don’t hesitate to let us know! We invite you to contact us online or to call the Subaru of MOrristown team at (866) 910-3466 today.

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