How To Prevent Rust From Road Salt in Morristown Winters

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While drivers are usually locked in on the typical winter road hazards–things like ice, low visibility, and snow–road salt is often overlooked as a danger to your vehicle. If left untreated, the salt that plow trucks drop can rust the undercarriage of your car and seriously hinder its ability to perform like you expect it to.

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Get Ahead Of The Game

Most salt-induced vehicle rust can be avoided by taking some precautionary steps in the weeks leading up to winter, before the temperatures really start to drop.

While the undercarriage is the part of your vehicle at the most risk, giving your car a full coat of wax on the exterior can only help in letting the salt and wet just slide right off. Once your car looks shiny and new, you can pretreat the undercarriage of the vehicle; many shops offer an oil solution pre-treatment that helps prevent salt and water from clinging on to the exposed metal parts that will be the first to rust.

Most notably, getting a pre-winter inspection from a mechanic is a great way to prep for the winter months. Cold weather is one of the biggest enemies of your car, and any essential parts with wear and tear should be replaced or fixed before winter rolls around to ensure you are giving your car a head start.

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What To Do During Winter

Even with all those precautionary steps, it’s still important to be aware of salt while you’re driving around in the winter. The best thing you can do is to avoid puddles and plow trucks. Puddles tend to hold large amounts of salt that will splash up into the undercarriage, and plow trucks dropping fresh salt pose the biggest threat to your car’s exterior.

After a snowstorm, be sure to get your car washed to shake any excess salt off. Choose a car wash that offers the option to spray underneath your vehicle to make sure your entire car is covered.

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