Turn Heads at This Year’s Trunk or Treat Events

Each year, it seems like trunk or treat events are even more popular than the year before! If you’ve missed the memo, a trunk or treat event is when a location–like a municipal complex, mall, or auto dealership–invites locals to park their cars, decorate their trunks, and have trick or treaters go from car to car collecting candy. It provides a safe, supervised alternative for kids in areas where trick or treating might not be the best option.

Dog at Halloween trunk or treat

If you plan on participating in a trunk or treat event, decorating is crucial! Just like some folks decorate their yards or homes to get in the Halloween spirit, it’s important to spruce up your trunk for the event. Here are some of our favorite ideas!

Keep It Classic

You’ve probably done some last-minute costumes in your day, in which case you know just how much house hold stuff can be used to make some spooky crafts. Old sheets or pillowcases become ghouls; pizza boxes or cardboard from the recycling pile turns into tombstones; just about anything orange can be converted into a jack-o-lantern with some creativity.

Classic trunk or treat decoration

Of course, a quick stop at your local seasonal halloween shop can turn a few dollars into some appropriate decorations, too. Don’t worry, there’s no shame in the store-bought route! Plus, those same items can be used to decorate your home when you get back.

Use Your Environment

Since you’re decorating your trunk or cargo area, don’t forget about the open trunk lid or hatch. You can hang items here, using thread or fishing line to suspend floating ghouls or hanging shower curtains or other backdrops to add to your area.

Don’t be afraid to leave the trunk, either. Extra items on the ground, like tombstones or hay bales, are easy to set up and add a new element of involvement as little ones make their way through.

Be Creative

Sometimes, “creative” really means “resourceful.” Don’t have anything spooky hanging around? Just like a costume, you can always leave the classics behind and embrace other hobbies or interests. Ever dressed up as an athlete or movie character at the last minute? You can do the same thing for trunk or treat! Hang a jersey or banner from the trunk and load up on sports gear and collectibles for a last-minute solution that looks great–even if it’s not likely to scare anyone!

Whatever route you take, participating in a trunk or treat is a great and safe way to get involved and have some fun in your community. For more information on local events, or on how to get your car ready for just about any event, be sure to contact Subaru of Morristown by calling (866) 910-3466 today.

Enjoying Autumn Camping in NJ

Best NJ campgrounds

Summer may have ended, but the fun is far from over! Just how cooler weather means “local summer” down the shore, autumn is the perfect time to pitch a tent, roll out your warmer sleeping bag, and get lost in the woods for a day or two to disconnect.

The latest Subaru vehicles make for perfect camping companions, but where should you go? The Subaru of Morristown team has some great recommendations right here in New Jersey.

North Jersey

We’re often blown away by just how diverse North Jersey is. Just a stone’s throw from the urban metropolis of New York City, we’re just as close to sprawling, untouched natural lands. Camp Taylor Campground in Columbia is a perfect example. With 400 acres touching on the Delaware Water Gap and the Appalachian trail, this wooded, mountainous campground is the perfect retreat for outdoors lovers who are ready to get some dirt on their boots. After all, hiking is the perfect way to warm up when the fall air gets chilly!

Camping in your Subaru

South Jersey

Looking to get a little bit farther away from home? Pile in your Subaru and head for Belhaven Resort & Campground in Green Bank. With hundreds of wooded campsites in the Pine Barrens and even spots for RV or trailer campers, this spot is loaded with amenities so that you can have your cake and eat it, too, so to speak. Glamping might not cut it for purists, but it’s a whole lot cleaner than traditional camping!

Central Jersey

While we can’t prove that the Jersey Devil exists–maybe you’ll see him if you decide to camp in the Pine Barrens–we can confirm that Central Jersey is no myth. Don’t believe us? Drop by Mountain View Campground in Milford and explore it for yourself! Open through October, Mountain View offers rustic sites for pitching your tent and soaking in the great outdoors.

No matter how far away or close to home you camp, everyone can benefit from some time spent outdoors this season! To learn more about all of the places your Subaru can take you, be sure to contact the Subaru of Morristown team by calling (866) 910-3466 today.

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