What Warning and Indicators Could Mean for Your Subaru

You get into your Subaru and start the engine and you’re greeted with an unfamiliar indicator on your dashboard. What does this mean? Our Randolph area Subaru service center wants our drivers to feel safe in their car. That’s why it is important to know what these symbols mean and when it is time to bring in your vehicle for a service. The most common warning indicators people might see are the check engine light, low tire pressure warning light and oil pressure indicator warning.Subaru Low Tire Pressure Indicator

If this symbol above does not disappear after two seconds of turning your Subaru on, your tire pressure is low. During the cold months, low tire pressure can be a common issue for vehicles. If this symbol appears, check your tires as soon as you can and inflate them to the proper pressure. Failure to do so can lead to tire failure which could cause extensive damage. Subaru tires are available at our Randolph area service center.

Low Oil Pressure Warning Light for Subaru

For your car to have a healthy life, it needs to have oil. When the indicator above appears, this means oil pressure is low or the lubricating system is not working properly. If this light appears while driving or does not shut off after the engine starts, reach a safe location to turn your engine off and check your oil level. If the oil level is low, add oil immediately. However, if you find the oil to be at a normal level but the light is still on the dashboard, a specialist from Subaru of Morristown will need to analyze your vehicle.

The Meaning of Check Engine in your Subaru for Randolph Area Drivers

There could be a few explanations why a “check engine” light could appear:


-If a check engine light that blinks or steadily appears while the car is running, this implies there is a problem in the emission control system. You need to bring your car to Subaru of Morristown immediately for service.

-If the check engine light is blinking while driving, the emission control system could be damaged. A check engine light should not be taken lightly and will require attention from a Subaru specialist. Further use of your vehicle could lead to serious damage that may not be covered under your warranty.

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