Subaru Service Center Near Randolph Helps to Ensure Smooth Sailing

For modern motorists, a smooth ride is essentially a given—that is, of course, until it isn’t anymore. This is especially true for Subaru drivers, who enjoy the sure-footedness and supreme balance that come with Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive systems and horizontally opposed BOXER engines.

Even with those elements in play, the smoothness of your ride really comes down to the condition and quality of your springs, shocks, and struts. At our Randolph area Subaru service center, we know that New Jersey drivers see more than their fair share of the bumps, dips, and potholes that take a toll on your suspension.

Replacing shocks to solve suspension problems

As your shocks and other suspension components take a beating, it can manifest in many different ways. Our experts are here to help you take note of any potential suspension issues you might be experiencing.

Common Suspension Problems

One major issue you might notice is when the shocks begin to leak. Shocks depend on fluid to dampen the impact of bumps and rough roads. If they begin to leak, you may notice your car bouncing up and down more after hitting a bump or just a general sense of added shakiness while on rough terrain.

If you notice your car sitting unevenly while on even ground, there’s a good shot that one of your springs has begun to sag or has even broken. Your springs keep your car properly elevated, so you’ll likely notice when one begins to give out. In either case, the experts in our Randolph area Subaru parts department can provide the perfect fit to get things back in order!

Randolph area Subaru shocks service

A more common issue is poor wheel alignment, which can cause your steering wheel to pull in one direction or the other. In addition to requiring steering correction on your part, this issue can also shorten the life of your tires, so be sure to mention any issues you’ve noticed when coming in for service.

If you’ve noticed your car bouncing or handling oddly, chances are that your suspension is the root of the problem. No matter which part is the culprit, our team is here to set things right! Don’t hesitate to contact us online or to call the Subaru of Morristown team directly at (866) 910-3466 today to schedule a service appointment!

Subaru service appointment near Randolph

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