Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners

The summer season is a great opportunity to spend time hanging out with your four-legged friends, especially if you’re the outdoorsy type. The high temperatures that come with summer can be potentially dangerous, though, so always be sure to remember how pets handle the heat differently and to plan ahead!

Staying Hydrated

While this one might be fairly obvious, that doesn’t make it any less important. You know the importance of drinking plenty of water when the temperature goes up, and the same is true of pets. Whether you’re home or away, be sure to provide your pets with plenty of water. You can bring a bowl along with you, or check out specialty options made specifically for giving your dog water on-the-go.

Bringing water along for dogs

Travel Appropriately

No matter how you’re traveling, keep your pet in mind. If you’re driving somewhere, never leave your pet in the vehicle unattended. Even if your pet has water or the air conditioning is on, the unexpected can lead to disaster and things can go wrong in the blink of an eye. If you need to stop, bring your pup inside with you or leave a human in the car to keep an eye on things.

Traveling with pets

Don’t Go Overboard

Hikes, runs, and walks are all great ways to spend time getting fit with Fido, but not when the temperature is extreme. If it’s too hot out, it’s best to limit exercise to short trips in the shade for your dog to do her business–save the hike for a cooler day.

Also, don’t forget how hot sidewalks and pavement can get in the sun. If it’s uncomfortable for you to press your back of the hand to the walkway for an extended period of time, it’s too hot for your dog to be out walking on it.

Watch the Humidity

Lastly, don’t forget that your dog handles heat differently than you do. While dogs do sweat a bit (mostly through their paws), panting is a big part of how they cool down. When it’s humid, panting is less effective. Be sure to keep an eye on your dog’s temperature on hot and humid days, and don’t hesitate to visit the vet if you suspect your pet may be overheating or suffering from heatstroke. It’s always better to be safe than sorry in these situations!

For more information on how to make the most of your summer with your pets, or if you’re after a new vehicle for all of your adventures together, be sure to contact Subaru of Morristown online or to call us directly at (866) 910-3466 today.

How to Jump Start Your Car Battery

If you ever get behind the wheel only to find that your vehicle won’t start, there are a number of things that it could be. One of the most common reasons, as you may know, is a dead battery. If this is the case, simply jumping your car may be all you need to get back on your way rather than waiting for a tow truck.

Subaru service near Parsippany

At our Parsippany area Subaru service center, we firmly believe that every driver should know how to jump start a vehicle if they need arises.

The first step is to have jumper cables. If you don’t already have a set in your trunk, we recommend picking them up and having them handy before you need them. If your car dies while you’re out in the world, it’s easier to finding a volunteer to help jump your car than it is to find someone who has cables.

Getting Your Subaru Moving Near Parsippany

Begin by positioning the cars so that the batteries are within reach of the cables, but not so close that the two vehicles are touching. Then, with both vehicles turned off, connect the cables in the following order:

  • Red clip to positive terminal of the dead vehicle
  • Red clip to positive terminal of the jumper vehicle
  • Black clip to negative terminal of the jumper vehicle
  • Black clip to an unpainted metal surface of the dead vehicle

Once the cables are connected, start the jumper vehicle and wait a few minutes before attempting to start your vehicle. If your vehicle starts, disconnect the cables. If it doesn’t, allow the jumper car to run for a few more minute before trying again. If it still won’t start, your battery may not be the problem.

Parsippany area Subaru battery maintenance

If your vehicle does start, don’t turn it off right away. Drive for at least 20 minutes or so so that your alternator can recharge the battery. It’s also a good idea to head to our Subaru service facility near Parsippany for a battery check to make sure your dead battery wasn’t a symptom of a larger problem.

For more information on your car’s electrical system and how to avoid potential problems, be sure to reach out to us! You can contact Subaru of Morristown online or call our team at (866) 910-3466 today!

How to Check the Oil Level in Your Subaru

When it comes to vehicle ownership, one of your biggest responsibilities–and one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself–is to properly care for your vehicle. Handling routine car maintenance at our Subaru service center near Madison can help to ensure that your vehicle runs its best for many, many miles to come.

One of the most important things that you can do for your vehicle is to ensure that there’s always enough oil in your engine. Your car requires a certain amount of oil to properly coat, clean, cool, and protect your engine’s myriad moving parts, so topping it off when it gets a bit low can make a big difference.

To check your oil level, allow your car to warm up for a few minutes and then turn off the engine. Then open the hood, and locate the oil dipstick. It’s a good idea to wear gloves for this. It may be a separate dipstick (typically yellow, or labeled “oil,”) or it may be connected to the inside of the oil cap.

Madison area Subaru oil check

Take the dipstick out, but don’t check the level right away. Oil moves around while your vehicle is running, so wipe the dipstick clean and replace it before removing it again to check the level. Your dipstick will have markings for the acceptable range. If your oil is low, simply top it off. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for the proper oil weight for your make and model, or consult the experts at our Madison area Subaru service center to learn more.

Getting an Oil Change for Your Subaru Near Madison

Of course, you can’t simply keep topping off the same oil forever. Changing your oil and filter regularly ensure that your oil is free of contaminants and continue to do its job properly. The interval between oil changes will vary depending on your specific vehicle and the type of oil you use, but the technicians at Subaru of Morristown can help you stick to the schedule that’s right for you.

Quick Subaru service near Madison

To learn more about staying on top of your vehicle’s oil level and oil changes, or to schedule a service visit, be sure to contact us online or to call the Subaru of Morristown team directly at (866) 910-3466 today!

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