Subaru Drivers Near Madison Get Ready to Hit the Winter Streets

Here in New Jersey, winter is no joke. With cold temperatures and plenty of snow most years, it’s not a time of year that most residents look forward in regards to their time on the road.

Of course, the symmetrical all-wheel drive system of your Subaru makes it a bit easier to brave the cold, particularly if you’ve opted for the added ease that comes with Subaru’s All-Weather Package. So long as you stay on top of routine maintenance at our Madison area Subaru service center, you should have it pretty good this winter.

Getting ready to drive in cold weather

What many of our visitors are unsure about, though, is whether or not to take time to warm up their cars before they hit the road. Fortunately, our certified technicians have the answers.

To Warm Up or Not to Warm Up

There’s a good chance that whoever taught you to drive also suggested giving your vehicle time to warm up before you hit the road, particularly when the weather is cold. The truth is, though, that this advice really only helps for vehicles that have carburetors. We don’t see many carbs at our Subaru service department near Madison, though, since carburetors were replaced with fuel injection systems by just about every automaker by the early ‘90s.

With a carburetor, colder temperatures impact the fuel-to-air ratio until the heat of the engine balances things out. The sophisticated sensors of your electronic fuel injection system don’t have this issue, though, so there’s no need to warm up.

Instead, simply start the car and drive as you normally would. You should avoid revving the engine too hard until things come to temp, and proceed with caution on slippery roads, of course, but otherwise treat a cold weather start like you would any other.

Madison area Subaru service

To learn more about handling cold, snowy roads, or to schedule a service appointment to get your vehicle in top shape for winter, don’t hesitate to contact Subaru of Morristown online or to call our team directly at (866) 910-3466 today!

Subaru service appointment near Madison

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