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Now that the calendar and the weather forecast finally seem to agree that spring has arrived, it’s the perfect time of year to roll the windows down and enjoy some fresh air. If you don’t have the free time to take to the interstate for a true road trip, don’t worry; we’ve got plenty to see right here at home in New Jersey!

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At Subaru of Morristown, we’ve spent plenty of time exploring NJ’s well-known attractions and hidden gems. If you’ve got an afternoon free, check out one of our favorite spots.

Hamilton, NJ – Grounds For Sculpture

You don’t need to know much about art history to enjoy this contemporary collection of artwork. With over 250 sculptures in a constantly evolving outdoor exhibit, checking out the Grounds For Sculpture is more like a nature walk with artistic accents than a visit to a museum.

If you’re planning your trip ahead of time, don’t forget to see what’s going on with their indoor exhibits. These displays change seasonally, so there’s always something new to see!

Camden, NJ – Battleship New Jersey

Not only does this vessel take its name from our beautiful state, but it’s also the nation’s most decorated battleship. Floating on the Delaware River in Camden, the Battleship New Jersey is practically a floating museum.

Battleship New Jersey

Built in 1942, this ship has plenty of stories to tell. It was sent to serve in World War II immediately upon its completion, and then proceeded to serve in Korea, Vietnam, the 1983 Lebanese Civil War, and the Persian Gulf War before taking a well earned retirement right here at home.

Smithville, NJ – Historic Smithville and the Village Greene

Right off Route 9 in Atlantic County, Smithville offers a delightful splash of quaint comfort in a state many of us feel is a bit congested at times. Occupying 20 acres on the edge of a lake, a collection of locally owned businesses and old-style shops comprise the historic town’s shopping.

Various festivals and attractions crop up in Smithville throughout the summer, too, adding even more to the itinerary. This is also a perfect destination for a break from the hustle and bustle during a stay in nearby Atlantic City.

Wherever you set your sights this spring, New Jersey is sure to provide plenty of scenic backdrops and fun activities for your whole crew to enjoy. To find the perfect vehicle for all of your upcoming trips, be sure to contact Subaru of Morristown online or to call our team at (866) 910-3466 today!

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