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In this day and age, it seems like most motorists are busier than ever before. With so much to do, though, it doesn’t take much for drivers to become distracted on the road. This is especially true when technology enters the picture.

The reality is that even just a brief distraction while behind the wheel can be devastating. At our Morristown Subaru dealership, we’re firm believers that a driver’s top priority should always be to safely operate their vehicle. To help our visitors achieve this goal, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions to help motorists stay focused.

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Take Care Of It Before You Go

When you’re preparing to hit the road, whether for a short ride or a long trip, make sure to tie up any loose ends before you get behind the wheel. If there’s something you know will be bugging you, be sure to address it before you start the engine.

Whether you’re replying to a text, organizing your belongings, or pulling up directions on your phone or GPS, be sure to have everything in order so that you can keep your attention on the road ahead.

Keep The Crew Comfortable

Regardless of who’s riding with you, make sure everyone is settled in before you get going. This is particularly true of children and pets, who can prove to be quite distracting when they aren’t settled in for the ride.

Eliminate Distractions

The team at our Subaru dealer in Morristown is well aware of what your #1 distraction probably is: your phone. Even checking your phone at a red light can be dangerous – and illegal – so it’s important to use hands-free technology if you absolutely must stay connected on the go.

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If you can’t seem to keep your hands off your phone while driving, then we suggest kicking things up to a new level by removing your phone from the equation altogether. Whether you put it in the glove compartment, back seat, or even the trunk, keeping your phone out of reach is a good way to create a good habit of ignoring it.

Next time you take a ride, take some time to consider what distractions are taking up your attention while you’re behind the wheel and work on eliminating them! For more information on safe driving habits, be sure to contact us online or to call the Subaru of Morristown team at (866) 910-3466 today!

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