Memories Come Rushing Back for NJ Subaru Drivers

2016 Subaru models in NJ

Subaru is an automaker that’s founded in the spirit of adventure, and that includes all of your favorite journeys. While symmetrical all-wheel drive makes these vehicles perfect for tearing through the mud on your way to your favorite campgrounds, family drivers know that these comfortable cabins are just as adept when it comes to enjoying life’s quiet moments.

In the brand’s latest ad – the first to include a 2016 model – highlights just how much these vehicles can carry. Drivers at our Subaru dealer in NJ who have taken their favorite model on a road trip already know that there’s plenty of space for gear, but this time it isn’t cargo that we’re talking about.

Instead, director Noam Murro showcases a father’s look back as he prepares to pass his old Forester down to his now-driving aged daughter. While Gregory Alan Isakov’s “Time Will Tell” plays, the dad cleans out the items that have been left behind in the car. As he remembers each moment of his daughter growing up with the car, the scenes play out behind him.

While this certainly showcases the way that a dependable vehicle can play a key role in a family’s time together, it also showcases the Forester’s longstanding reliability and popularity; as the commercial closes, we get a glimpse of the father’s new 2016 Forester ready and waiting in the driveway.

Longevity Shines with the Subaru Lineup

Lasting value and dependability are certainly among the traits that draw shoppers to our NJ Subaru dealership, as motorists can see from the advertisement. The Forester is particularly remarkable, thanks to its notoriety as the longest lasting compact crossover in America.

For 2016, the Forester continues to deliver on all of the features that have set it apart from the crowd. With 32 mpg on the highway, 8.7 inches of ground clearance, and symmetrical all-wheel drive, this crossover is the perfect choice whether you’re commuting to the office or exploring a brand new trail.

To learn more about our incoming 2016 Subaru models, including the new Forester, be sure to contact us online or to call the Subaru of Morristown team at (866) 910-3466 today!

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