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Whether your family is big or small, they play a big role in your decision when you’re shopping for a vehicle. Subaru knows how important family can be for car shoppers, and has shown it in a recent campaign featuring a very unique family: the Barkleys!

A growing family of retrievers, the Barkleys are a family just like yours – but with a few extra paws. Even so, they can find what they’re after at our Madison area Subaru dealership, just like your family can!

In the ads, we see Mama and Papa Barkley driving around town with their daughter and baby son in tow. Whether they’re stuck in traffic, stopping at the gas station for a bathroom break, or waiting up for their little girl to get home from a date, this four-legged family goes through the same ordeals as our customers. Their secret to staying cool and collected, of course, is the steadfast dependability of their Subaru!

The Barkleys Give Subaru Two Paws Up

While it’s fun to see the Barkleys and their Subaru in action, the team at our showroom knows that a Subaru is good for a lot more than just helping your pups chase the mailman. In fact, a Subaru is the perfect choice for families that love bringing their furry companions along for the ride.

Subaru’s vehicles are all about versatility, which means you’ve got the flexibility to accommodate your pets. Whether you’re folding the back seat down for space, using child seat anchor points for mounting a harness, or taking advantage of interior cargo space for a transport crate, there’s plenty of ways for your pets to get around.

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Even better, Subaru vehicles are built tough to fit adventurous lifestyles, which means they’ll stand up against the dirt and grit that pets are sure to drag along for the ride. You’ll also have no problems getting to your little buddy’s favorite parks or paths thanks to Subaru’s signature symmetrical all-wheel drive systems!

No matter where you’re headed, Subaru is ready to get you and the whole family where you want to be – pets included! For more information on Subaru’s current lineup, or to schedule a test drive with us, be sure to contact our Subaru dealer serving Madison online or to call our team directly at (866) 910-3466 today!

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