Subaru Drivers in Morristown Gear Up for the Spring Season

Subaru of Morristown service centerChances are that you’ve already been taking steps to get ready for spring and, even more exciting, the coming summer. Whether you’re doing spring cleaning around the house, swapping sweaters for shorts in your dresser, or planning your next road trip, there’s a lot to be excited about when the seasons are changing.

In all of the excitement, though, it’s important to make sure that your car is ready for the season, too. At our Morristown Subaru dealership, our expert technicians know just what kind of attention your vehicle needs to cruise straight into the warm breezes of spring.

Much Needed Maintenance Makes for a Smooth Transition

Morristown Subaru maintenance and repairExtreme weather and drastic changes in temperature can be rough on cars and trucks, which means winter and summer in a place like New Jersey can really put your vehicle through its paces. On the plus side, though, our mild springs give you the perfect opportunity to pop the hood and make sure everything’s in good shape before the summer rolls around.

The experts at our Subaru service center in Morristown recommend starting with the basics and having your filters checked and changed as necessary. Simple services like installing a fresh air filter or changing your oil and oil filter can have a big impact on your vehicle’s performance.

It’s also important to check your tires after a rough winter. Setting your pressure is a good start, but be sure to check the tread, as well. If your tires are starting to look bald or even, or if you see evidence of bulges or gouges, have them checked by a professional immediately.

Be sure to take a look at your electrical system, too, as the cold weather can really take a toll on your battery. Having an expert test your battery and check your terminals is a great way to start spring strong!

Whether you know that you’re due for maintenance or you’re just looking to make sure things are in good shape while the weather’s nice, head to Subaru of Morristown for all of your repair and service needs. For more information, or to schedule a service appointment, be sure to contact us online or to call our team at (866) 910-3466 today!

Subaru service appointment in Morristown

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