Service Specials Help Subaru Drivers near Chatham Start Summer Off Right

Subaru service center near Chatham NJ

At Subaru of Morristown, we know that maintenance for your vehicle isn’t at the top of your exciting summer to-do list. It’s crucial for smooth performance, though, which is why we have great offers going on now to help you prep for the season!

For starters, you can save $5 on any conventional or synthetic oil change.* This offer is good all day long!

Oil changes are the most crucial service you can carry out, particularly when the weather is turning. Clean oil coats your engine’s moving parts, offering protection, lubrication, and cooling when things start to heat up. With fresh oil and a new filter, you can bet that things will be turning more smoothly under the hood.

Drivers Beat the Heat at Subaru of Morristown

If you’ve ever stepped onto the blacktop of your driveway without shoes on, then you know just how quickly the sun can heat up asphalt. This can certainly take a toll on your tires, which is why a $19.95 tire rotation* is also among our Chatham area Subaru service specials.

Rotating your tires helps them to wear down more evenly. We’ll also check that each of your tires is inflated to the proper level, which is crucial for enduring the summer heat. When your tires are underinflated, the surface area on the road increases and causes the tires to absorb more heat. This creates the potential for blowouts, which we’re sure aren’t in your summer plans!

Chatham area Subaru repair center

While you’re at it, you can save $20.00* when having your wheels aligned. This service helps to improve handling control, and can also reduce the wear and tear that your tires and suspension have to endure.

Of course, our team is also here to check your engine coolant system or your interior climate control. Keeping cool is essential when the temperature rises!

Whether you already know that you’re due for service or you just want to make sure that things are running smoothly this season, we’ve got the service specials and expert assistance that you can count on. To learn more, or to schedule a service appointment, be sure to contact our Subaru service center near Chatham online or to call our team today at (866) 910-3466!

Subaru maintenance appointment near Chatham

*Cannot be combined with any other specials. Speak to a service advisor for full conditions and details.

Get Around Parsippany With Your Children In A Subaru Safely

Subaru Dealership Serving Parsippany

Driving safely while carting around your, or others’, kids in the car is a no-brainer. Keeping your distance from other cars, braking with enough time as not to have to slam on them and things like that are all part of safe driving practice… but what about driving with small children in the back seat? How should you have them buckled in? Are there good ways to remember that you’ve got them with you on a particularly hectic day? Fortunately, we’ve got some useful tips to cover our Subaru drivers from the Parsippany area and beyond!

The Correct Seating

Car seats might seem like an obvious tip for child safety, but are you doing it right? Your child’s seat should be facing the rear of your vehicle from birth to three years old and then forward facing from four to seven years old. This will guarantee their safety should anything happen! Not to mention you should be making sure the seat is properly fastened to the car’s seat and that your child is properly buckled in. All of these factors equate to maximum safety! Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about our vehicle’s back seat space either.

Child Safety Tips Subaru Dealership Serving Parsippany

Useful Reminder

Sometimes, in the swing of a busy day, you might forget you even brought you child with you. This might sound ridiculous, but it does happen! Some good ways to remind yourself that you’ve got your child with you are to put something important in the backseat. Maybe this is your phone or some other item you’ve brought with you that day, but put something you’ll need to take with you back there. This way you’re forced to go into the back seat of your vehicle once you park regardless.

Of course, and it should go without saying, but don’t drive distracted! Above all these safety tips are important but won’t help if you’re not driving safely. Whether you’re leaving our Parsippany area Subaru dealership with your child or heading out for a day of errands, get there safe and secure!

Subaru For Sale Near Parsippany

Adventurous Drivers Grab Summer By the Horns with Perfect Prep

If your key ring is home to a Subaru key, then chances are you’ve got an itch that can only be scratched by embracing your sense of adventure.

Whether you’re hiking, camping, or embarking on the next great American road trip this summer, it’s important to take the time to prepare. While most motorists spend plenty of time figuring what to pack, they don’t always spend enough time considering how to pack it.

At Subaru of Morristown, we’ve got a world of experience piling gear into the back of our beloved Subies. Check out our tips for packing before you hit the road!

Start with the Big Stuff

If you’ve ever taken to the trail for a long hike, then you know you want to place your heaviest gear low and centered in your pack, close to your back. If you don’t, you can expect to take a topple down the trail when you lose your balance.

Packing for a road trip

While your Subaru is a lot less likely to take a spill, balance is still important. If you’re bringing anything heavy along for the ride – think trunks of gear, bulky equipment, or furniture when moving – place it farther forward and on the floor of the cargo area. This ensures better handling and less stress on yoru suspension.

Keep the Essentials Handy

As you build outward from your heaviest items, think practically when placing smaller items. A bag with a change of clothes, for instance, is best placed toward the end so that you can grab it without too much effort when you stop for a break.

Even if you’re not traveling with children, Subaru of Morristown’s #1 protip is to pack some baby wipes in the console where you can get to them quickly. Trust us on this one.

Go Above and Beyond

While your Subaru’s cargo area is cavernous, don’t forget about your other options when prepping for a big trip. The roof rack is perfect for an outdoor trip, whether you’re mounting bikes or using a gear bag for extra luggage.

Loading a roof rack

Whenever you carry cargo outside of the vehicle, whether it’s a roof rack of trailer, the important thing is to make sure everything is secured appropriately. In addition to creating a hazard when not mounted properly, loose luggage can lead to the embarrassment of watching your tropical print swim trunks blowing down the highway!

Before you take off on your next adventure, contact Subaru of Morristown online or give us a call for any of your automotive prep needs. We’re always here to lend a hand!

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