Subaru Fans near Randolph Boldly Brave New Roads

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When you think about tackling the trail to find your new favorite spot, all-wheel drive is one of the first features that comes to mind. All 4×4 systems aren’t created equal, though, and the choice you make can have a big impact on your confidence moving forward.

The team at Subaru is all about balance, and the difference shines through in the lineup at our Randolph area Subaru dealer. For starters, Subaru’s vehicles feature horizontally opposed boxer engines, which help to deliver power in a way that provides better stability for the vehicle itself.

Better yet, Subaru goes above and beyond to ensure that power is channeled to the wheels in a way that makes the most sense. The result is Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive system, which comes standard on every Subaru model other than the sporty rear-wheel drive BRZ.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Brings Confidence to Subaru Drivers

When compared to other all-wheel drive systems, it isn’t difficult to spot the benefits of the symmetrical layouts at our Subaru dealership serving Randolph. In Subaru vehicles, the engine and drivetrain are built inline with the center of the vehicle’s frame for ideal weight distribution.

Subaru dealership serving Randolph

This improved configuration allows less stress on the system, in turn providing drivers with a more efficient and durable performance. By using fewer components, this system also allows for fewer maintenance costs as the miles add up.

Most importantly, Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive systems bring drivers the confidence of improved traction where they need it most. By distributing power to all four wheels simultaneously, this system allows for enhanced traction off-road or in foul weather, as well as better handling in ideal conditions.

No matter where you’re setting your sights as the weather warms up, you can count on the technology under the hood of a Subaru vehicle to get you there. For more information on the 2015 Subaru lineup, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact Subaru of Morristown online or to call our team directly at (866) 910-3466 today!

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Recent Graduates Find Great Options at Subaru Dealer in NJ

Certified used Subaru specials in NJ

Finishing school can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. As you open the next chapter of your personal story, it’s time to be ready for just about anything!

While your classes may have geared you up metaphorically for whatever comes next, our Subaru dealership in NJ is here to ensure you have what you need for your next adventure – literally!

No matter what comes next, you know you’ll need a dependable way to get there. Trust our experts to help you find the right vehicle for the job.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles are Perfect for Recent Graduates

Before they start looking for a vehicle, many graduates are looking for something else: advice! Everyone’s situation after graduation is different, which means there’s no all-encompassing rule of what’s right or wrong to shop for after college. A good place to start, though, is the selection of certified pre-owned Subaru models at our NJ dealer.

For many graduates, pricing is a top priority. If you’re still looking for the right job or anticipating an entry-level salary, shopping pre-owned might be the way to go. Our financing team is here to help you make the smart decision regardless of your situation!

NJ Subaru dealership

Thanks to Subaru’s reputation for reliability and the rigorous inspection that each certified Subaru model undergoes, you can count on a certified pre-owned Subaru model to deliver the dependability you need for a solid start without breaking the bank.

Many experts, including the folks over at, agree that pre-owned vehicles have a lot of merit for recent graduates. With the added confidence that comes with an extended powertrain warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind while you get ready to embark on a new journey.

No matter what you’re considering, our team is here to help get you behind the wheel for a strong start. To learn more about our inventory, as well as the benefits of the Subaru certified pre-owned program, be sure to contact Subaru of Morristown online or to call our team directly at (866) 910-3466.

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Intuition Joins Innovation for Subaru Fans near Parsippany

2015 Subaru model dealership serving Parsippany

From the time we spend working to the time we spend enjoying ourselves, there’s no denying that technology has permeated nearly every facet of modern society. Whether you’re shopping online, texting with friends, or getting things done at the office, you’d be hard pressed to keep up without your favorite devices.

The team at our Parsippany area Subaru dealer knows that you love to be connected, even on the go. That’s what makes Subaru’s available features like voice-activated GPS and Bluetooth communication connectivity so indispensable.

Now, Subaru is ready to take things to the next level. Recently displayed at the New York International Auto Show, Subaru’s STARLINK system is posed to improve safety and connectivity on the go for modern drivers.

Subaru STARLINK Sets the Stage for Stellar Safety

After seeing the STARLINK prototype in action in the 2016 Subaru Forester at the New York International Auto Show, we can’t wait to see it roll into the showroom at our Subaru dealership serving Parsippany!

A hands-free in-vehicle platform for connectivity, entertainment, and safety, STARLINK is built to work with built-in AT&T 4G LTE to offer Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services. These services cover a wide range of driver needs, including stolen vehicle recovery, collision notification, vehicle diagnostics, and even remote vehicle services via smartphone.

Parsippany area Subaru dealers

In addition to practical safety and security features, STARLINK embraces your fun side with easy access to a world of entertainment apps like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Aha.

During the system’s debut, Subaru of America, Inc. vice president of marketing Alan Bethke said, “There is a new emphasis from consumers for improved connectivity in their vehicles. [The STARLINK system] allows Subaru to deliver new levels of safety and security services, giving our customers added peace of mind.”

If you’re the type of driver who’s always looking forward toward the latest technology, then Subaru is the automaker you’ve been looking for. To learn more about Subaru’s latest vehicles and available features, be sure to contact Subaru of Morristown online or to call our team directly at (866) 910-3466 today!

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Subaru Fans near Madison Find Pet-Friendly Rides for Every Lifestyle

Subaru dealership near Madison

Whether your family is big or small, they play a big role in your decision when you’re shopping for a vehicle. Subaru knows how important family can be for car shoppers, and has shown it in a recent campaign featuring a very unique family: the Barkleys!

A growing family of retrievers, the Barkleys are a family just like yours – but with a few extra paws. Even so, they can find what they’re after at our Madison area Subaru dealership, just like your family can!

In the ads, we see Mama and Papa Barkley driving around town with their daughter and baby son in tow. Whether they’re stuck in traffic, stopping at the gas station for a bathroom break, or waiting up for their little girl to get home from a date, this four-legged family goes through the same ordeals as our customers. Their secret to staying cool and collected, of course, is the steadfast dependability of their Subaru!

The Barkleys Give Subaru Two Paws Up

While it’s fun to see the Barkleys and their Subaru in action, the team at our showroom knows that a Subaru is good for a lot more than just helping your pups chase the mailman. In fact, a Subaru is the perfect choice for families that love bringing their furry companions along for the ride.

Subaru’s vehicles are all about versatility, which means you’ve got the flexibility to accommodate your pets. Whether you’re folding the back seat down for space, using child seat anchor points for mounting a harness, or taking advantage of interior cargo space for a transport crate, there’s plenty of ways for your pets to get around.

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Even better, Subaru vehicles are built tough to fit adventurous lifestyles, which means they’ll stand up against the dirt and grit that pets are sure to drag along for the ride. You’ll also have no problems getting to your little buddy’s favorite parks or paths thanks to Subaru’s signature symmetrical all-wheel drive systems!

No matter where you’re headed, Subaru is ready to get you and the whole family where you want to be – pets included! For more information on Subaru’s current lineup, or to schedule a test drive with us, be sure to contact our Subaru dealer serving Madison online or to call our team directly at (866) 910-3466 today!

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NJ Drivers Head Down the Shore to Soak Up the Sun

Jersey Shore boardwalk

Here at Subaru of Morristown, we can’t say enough about how much we love our gorgeous home state. As many of our customers are quick to point out, we’re just about “an hour from anywhere.” Whether you love the woods, the mountains, or the cities, you can find your favorite landscape in the afternoon and still be home for dinner.

Of course, one of our most well known regions is the shore. Even if the rest of the country can’t seem to grasp why we say we’re heading “down the shore” instead of “to the beach,” they can’t help but agree that we have some of the nation’s most beautiful beach towns.

Whether you’re using your Subaru’s space to load up on friends, your bike, or your surfboard, there’s something special about a day – or better yet, a week – spent down the shore. Take a look at some of our favorite spots!

Asbury Park

One of New Jersey’s rapidly developing areas, Asbury Park has a lot to offer. With great bars and venues for live music, it’s easy to see why the Boss made this shore town his old stomping grounds.

Whether you spend your day with your toes in the sand or enjoy the night eating out on Cookman Avenue, you’re bound to have a great time.

Subaru at the beach

Cape May

The state’s southernmost beach, Cape May is one of New Jersey’s most popular destinations for tourists. When you come see the town for yourself, though, it’s easy to see that all those out-of-towners are onto something.

With plenty of open space, a historic lighthouse, and street after street of historic Victorian architecture, there’s plenty to see and do in Cape May even before you get to the beach itself. You might want to be ready to fold down the back seat of your Subaru, though, as Cape May is also a top spot for shopping and antiquing.

Atlantic City

Possibly our top pick for an easy weekend away, Atlantic City is perfect for a break from the daily grind. Best known for its flashy casinos, Atlantic City has plenty to offer for non-gamblers, too. A scenic boardwalk, great shopping, and thrilling nightlife all help to make this spot an attractive destination for your next outing.

With hundreds of miles of coastline, New Jersey has such a diverse collection of beach towns that just about anyone can find their ideal spot to kick back and relax! If you’re eager to find the perfect vehicle before choosing your perfect beach, be sure to contact Subaru of Morristown online or to give us a call at (866) 910-3466 today.

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