Choosing and Chopping the Perfect Tree for the Season

Christmas tree cuttingWith winter and the holidays just around the corner, the team here at Subaru of Morristown is gearing up for a fun filled season! For many of our customers and neighbors, now is the prime time for heading out on a mission to find the perfect Christmas tree.

When it comes to finding the perfect tree for a picturesque holiday, though, it isn’t always easy. Follow our easy tips to help you find the tree of your dreams this year!

Deciding on a Tree Starts at Home

Your search for the perfect tree begins before you ever even leave your home. After all, you’ve got to know how much space you have to dedicate to your festive pine.

  • Move furniture ahead of time to ensure a realistic idea of your space
  • Measure the width of the area and, more importantly, the height!
  • Write down your measurements, or save them on your phone

The worst thing you can do is go out and choose – and pay for – a tree that isn’t even going to fit in your living room. Remember that the woodworker’s golden rule works for choosing a tree: measure twice, cut once!

Follow Your Heart at the Tree Lot

Once you make it to the tree field, chances are you’ll find yourself wandering around the rows of spruce, pine, and fir trees looking for the perfect tree. It can be tough to decide, and after a while the trees might even start to blend together. Make the decision easier with a few tricks.

  • Head to the lot with one or two other people – having outside opinions helps, but too many will lead to a never ending debate
  • If a tree jumps out at you, don’t ignore your instincts – that’s the one!
  • Remember to stick to your measurements – a tree that’s too big for your space is too big, no matter how good it looks!

Christmas tree decoratingAfter you’ve got the perfect tree in your sights, lay down on the ground and aim for a straight, square cut across the trunk; this ensures a nice, even position in your tree stand. If you can’t fell the tree with a straight cut, ask the lot attendants. Chances are they can get you an even cut before you head home.

Now that you’ve got your hands on the perfect tree, it’s time to load it up and head home. Whether you’re loading the tree into your car or tying it down on your Subaru’s roof rails, we recommend wrapping it in a tarp first. This not only protects your vehicle, but helps to keep the tree from drying out too much along the way.

If you’ve still got questions on how to cut the perfect tree, or if you’re looking for the perfect vehicle to handle all of your holiday chores, be sure to contact Subaru of Morristown online or to call our team directly at (866) 910-3466. From the whole team here at our dealership, happy holidays!

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