Safety Comes First at Morris Township area Subaru Dealership

2015 Subaru models for sale near Morris TownshipWhen you slide behind the wheel and turn the engine over, you need to know that you can count on your vehicle to protect you and those you care about. At our Morris Township area Subaru dealership, we’re proud of the outstanding reputation that the automaker has for going above and beyond when it comes to safety and security.

Chances are that you already know about the great lengths Subaru goes to help ensure occupant safety in the event of a collision. From advanced airbags to sturdy frames, Subaru models are engineered to channel energy from an impact around and away from the cabin to help keep occupants safe.

Of course, the ideal situation doesn’t involve a collision at all. While no vehicle can guarantee accident avoidance, Subaru is certainly doing a good job at reducing the risk with the latest innovations in its vehicle lineup.

Intelligent Features Help Subaru Fans Steer Clear of Trouble on the Road

Morris Township area Subaru showroomWith features like smart braking, vehicle dynamics control, and symmetrical all-wheel drive, the vehicles in the 2015 lineup at our Subaru dealer serving Morris Township are engineered to help drivers stay in control in just about any situation. Driver awareness, however, is crucial when it comes to avoiding potential accidents.

The most important aspect of awareness, of course, is remaining attentive behind the wheel. New features from Subaru aim to help drivers do exactly that.

With Blind-Spot Detection, an available feature on many of the newest Subaru models, radar sensors work to alert drivers of vehicles that appear in the drivers’ blind spot. A visual indicator, located in the side mirrors, alerts drivers of vehicles they may not have normally noticed.

An added element of this system, Lane Change Assist goes a step further and flashes to alert drivers of vehicles in the neighboring lane when the turn signal is activated. These innovative features, when paired with the superior sense of control built into every Subaru, can help drivers to stay alert, stay aware, and stay out of harm’s way.

From coupes to crossovers, safety should always come first for the modern motorist. To learn more about the latest innovative features from Subaru, or to schedule a test drive of your favorite 2015 Subaru model, be sure to contact Subaru of Morristown online or to call our team directly at (866) 910-3466 today.

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