Subaru Fans in NJ Gear Up for Anything with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

NJ Subaru showroomWhen it comes to getting drivers where they need to go, few names in the automotive industry have managed to garner the same level of respect as Subaru. With a sterling reputation for dependability alongside capability, the 2015 Subaru lineup is full of models that bring drivers the confidence they crave behind the wheel.

At our Subaru dealership in NJ, we’ve met plenty of drivers who are eager to hit the trail and get some mud on their tires. Considering Subaru’s dedication to ruggedly capable symmetrical all-wheel drive, it’s not surprise that these drivers come to us for the vehicles they depend on.

Of course, you don’t need to be a 4×4 enthusiast to appreciate Subaru’s performance. Whether you’re looking for added peace of mind on wet and snowy roads or just want improved handling on your daily drive, you’ll find it with Subaru.

Array of Options Caters to a Diverse Range of Drivers’ Needs

Subaru dealers in NJThe secret to the outstandingly capable vehicles here at Subaru of Morristown isn’t a secret at all; it’s a combination of Subaru’s horizontally opposed boxer engines, outstanding stability features, and, of course, Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive systems.

Standard on every Subaru model with the exception of the sporty Subaru BRZ, symmetrical all-wheel drive actually encompasses four unique systems. Each behaves in a different way, allowing drivers to find the perfect balance of torque for their needs.

Continuous, Active Torque Split, and Variable Torque Distribution systems are similar in that they all adjust for up to 100% torque on the front or rear wheels to compensate for slipping on the opposite. While the Continuous system defaults to a 50:50 split when not actively adjusting, the Variable Torque Distribution system defaults to 45:55 and offers continual optimization and the Active Torque Split system continually adjusts the ratio for optimum traction.

For drivers who prefer to take matters into their own hands, the Driver Controlled Center Differential system is the perfect choice. Allowing drivers to choose between the Auto, (+), and (-) settings, it’s easy to change your settings based on your style and the environment. Choosing (-) for sportier handling or (+) on slippery surfaces allows for peak traction no matter the circumstance.

No matter what you’re looking for behind the wheel, Subaru has engineered a dependable system that’s perfect for maintaining traction and control out on the road. Learn more about the all-wheel drive systems you’ll find in your favorite Subaru models or schedule a test drive by contacting our NJ Subaru dealer online or calling our team directly at (866) 910-3466 today!

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