Madison Subaru Fans Take the Adventure Off the Beaten Track

Subaru dealership serving MadisonDay-to-day, it’s likely that most of your driving takes place on the asphalt. Whether you’re running errands or heading to work, the pavement usually leads the way. When you’re looking to cut your own path, though, you need the right vehicle for the job.

At our Madison area Subaru dealer, we know firsthand just how tough Subaru’s lineup is. We aren’t the only ones who have noticed the rugged capability of these attractive models, though.

Over at, the experts have compiled a list of the most off-roaded vehicles around. We’re proud to say that Subaru ranks as one of America’s top three brands for drivers who like to stir up some dust. In fact, 29.5% of Subaru owners like to take their vehicles off of the beaten track.

Focus on Capability Defines Subaru’s Lineup

Madison area Subaru models for saleWhile Subaru’s lineup is certainly diverse, all of its models do possess a common trait: functionality. While the 2015 Subaru BRZ is built around a rear-wheel drive system for true sports car performance, every other model in the Subaru lineup features symmetrical all-wheel drive for incredible capability.

From the 2015 Outback to the Legacy, each Subaru model showcases incredible handling thanks to this advanced all-wheel drive system. By distributing power to each wheel, this system allows for optimum traction. Whether you’re in the rain or the snow, on the trail or the highway, you can expect your Subaru to deliver superior traction and control in all conditions.

Paired with features like Vehicle Dynamics Control and Traction Control, drivers behind the wheel of a Subaru can face down the challenges they encounter with confidence. This added peace of mind means you can sit back and enjoy the ride when you head out on your next adventure.

For a thrilling off-road experience you won’t forget, set your sights on a Subaru. To learn more about the 2015 Subaru lineup, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact our Subaru dealership serving Madison online or to call our team directly at (866) 910-3466 today!

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