Subaru Dealership in Morristown Delivers Exceptional Safety

New Subaru Legacy for sale in MorristownWhen you head to the dealership in search of the perfect new car, chances are you already have a pretty good idea of the features you want. Whether you’re after style, performance, comfort, or technology, none of it is quite as important as safety.

Fortunately, Subaru believes in putting cutting-edge safety features in each and every one of its models. A standout option at our Subaru dealership in Morristown, of course, is the 2014 Subaru Legacy. This sedan is not only spacious and comfortable, but also a top choice when it comes to safety.

In fact, places the 2014 Legacy as one of its top selections when it recently ranked the Top 10 Safest New Cars. With two different engine options, it’s easy to cater your ride while feeling confident in the safety features you’ll receive.

2014 Subaru Legacy Brings Confidence to NJ Drivers

2014 Subaru Legacy dealership in MorristownAlong with Subaru’s penchant for capability comes an unrivaled sense of control behind the wheel. While Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive system – a standard feature on the 2014 Legacy – is often associated with rugged terrain, it also delivers exceptional traction on paved roads in foul weather and improved control under ideal conditions.

Smart Braking and Vehicle Dynamics Control are also standard features that work together to help drivers stay in control and avoid potentially dangerous situations. The 2014 Legacy also provides an array of advanced air bags and a frame specifically designed to help keep occupants out of harm’s way should a collision become unavoidable.

Another valuable available feature is Eyesight Driver Assist. This system monitors traffic and the vehicle’s path, adjusting cruise control accordingly or providing the driver with an alert should they start to drift from their lane.

With so many exceptional features geared toward safety, it’s obvious that confidence is a standard feature in the 2014 Legacy. To learn more about this exceptional sedan, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact our Morristown Subaru dealership online or to call our team at Subaru of Morristown directly at (888) 892-3239 today!

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