Subaru Excites NJ Drivers with Upcoming Improvements to EyeSight System

Subaru vehicles for sale in NJWith a firm foundation in excellent performance, Subaru is a living legend among drivers who demand more of their vehicles. Whether it’s more capability, more power, more convenient, or more comfort, Subaru is constantly improving its vehicles by building on the strengths of the previous generation.

Subaru’s EyeSight system, which makes use of driver assistance cameras, is one innovation that has already resulted from the automaker’s dedication to progress. For the upcoming 2015 model year, drivers at our Subaru dealership in NJ will have the opportunity to see the manufacturer move ahead even further with new improvements to the EyeSight system.

Advanced Technology Makes for Intelligent Subaru Vehicles

2014 Subaru models in NJOne difference that drivers are likely to notice immediately is the reduction in the size of t he EyeSight system for 2015. Subaru has brought the size of the system down by 15%, which allows for a more subtle and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

This is especially beneficial considering that Subaru mounts this system safely at the top of the windshield, unlike many other automakers that opt to place camera-based systems within the front fascia. While systems mounted in the fascia are susceptible to damage from external debris, Subaru’s technology is kept safely inside the vehicle.

More important, though, are upgrades to the system’s functionality. For 2015, the EyeSight driver assistance cameras will feature color recognition. This leap ahead allows the cameras to identify brake lights at a speed differential of 30 mph, a large improvement over the previous system’s 19 mph.

With these advanced cameras, the EyeSight system will provide NJ Subaru drivers with the added safety and confidence of improvements to adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic braking or stopping in a pre-collision situation.

For more information on the EyeSight system in Subaru’s current 2014 lineup or when you can expect to see these recently unveiled upgrades implemented for the 2015 model year, be sure to contact our Subaru dealer in NJ online or to call Subaru of Morristown directly at (888) 892-3239 today!

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