Subaru Service Center in NJ Helps Drivers Prepare for Tough Situations

 Subaru service NJWhen you plan out your route for a trip, chances are “stuck on the side of the road” isn’t one of your top destinations. After all, you’re accustomed to your Subaru rising to just about any challenge to get you where you need to go.

That stellar performance depends on regular maintenance, though. The simple truth is that well maintained vehicles have a much lower likelihood of breaking down, and a bit of preparation under the hood can go a long way toward keeping your car in top shape.

At our Subaru dealership in NJ, we have the certified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to make sure that your car is performing its best. Staying on top of regularly scheduled maintenance is crucial, as it drastically reduces your chances of encountering trouble while you’re out on the road.

Subaru of Morristown Offers Advice for Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Even when you take care of your car and stay up to date on maintenance, though, unexpected circumstances can still put you temporarily out of commission. In that eventuality, the best thing you can do is make sure your vehicle has the proper gear for the scenario.

Subaru NJDouble checking your jack, lug wrench, and spare tire can change a flat tire from hours of waiting for a tow to a quick and easy fix. Make sure to check the pressure on your spare regularly, too, as it’s no good to you if it runs flat.
Safety is key if you do have to wait for a tow, though, so be sure to keep the essentials handy. A blanket or warm clothing, a jug of water, and some healthy snacks can all come in handy if you get caught waiting for assistance. Safety flares or a reflective triangle can also help to alert other motorists of your position to avoid an accident.

At the end of the day, the important thing is to prepare for an emergency before it happens; once things go wrong, you’re already stuck. For more tips on how you can prepare for the worst, or to make an appointment for your car’s preventative maintenance, be sure to contact our Subaru service center in NJ online or to call us directly at (866) 868-4009 today!

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Subaru Dealer serving Madison Excited to Unveil 2015 Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester near Madison Now that spring has sprung, chances are you’re finally into the swing of writing “2014” when you jot down the date. Don’t get too comfortable, though; the new batch of Subaru models on their way to Subaru of Morristown will have you excited for the chance to start writing “2015” in front of the names of your favorite models.

At our Madison area Subaru dealer, we’re practically beside ourselves with excitement to see our customer behind the wheel of the new 2015 Subaru Forester. We’ve got a batch of this incredible SUV heading toward our showroom right now, and they’re sure to have your head spinning once they arrive.

Wealth of Features Focuses on Driver Enjoyment in the 2015 Subaru Forester

The 2015 Forester’s heart and soul, of course, rests under its hood. With a 2.0L or 2.5L four-cylinder boxer engine and continuously variable transmission, drivers can expect the 2015 Forester to deliver on Subaru’s unmistakable performance with up to 250 horsepower while achieving EPA estimates as high as 32 mpg on the highway.

With Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive as a standard features alongside great ground clearance and approach and departure angles, driver’s can also expect the 2015 Forester to perform as well on the trails as it does on the pavement.

Subaru dealer serving Madison Just as exciting is the 2015 Forester’s interior, which makes the rugged SUV every bit as inviting as it is tough. Available leather upholstery and spacious seating for five make it easy to settle in, while an LCD monitor streamlines everything from available premium audio from harman/kardon to Aha infotainment and advanced navigation for finding your way.

Safety is paramount, as well, with the available EyeSight System adding a wealth of awareness and security no matter where the road leads.

To learn more about the 2015 Subaru Forester, including more information on its pricing and anticipated availability, be sure to contact our Subaru dealership serving Madison online or to reach out to our courteous staff by calling (888) 892-3239 today!

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Subaru Dealership in Morristown NJ Helps Outfit Young Drivers for Safe Travels

Subaru models in MorristownFor young drivers, getting a license or purchasing a first car should be a time ripe with excitement, not apprehension. At our Subaru dealership in Morristown NJ, though, we do recognize the concerns that plague many parents and even young drivers themselves.

It’s an unfortunate reality that auto accidents pose a threat to drivers everywhere, and to younger drivers in particular. The causes of many of these accidents – speeding, distractions, and unbuckled seatbelts – are often avoidable.

We encourage our customers of all ages to take the necessary precautions behind the wheel, and doubly so for young drivers. Be sure to properly maintain your vehicle, buckle up each time you enter a car, and never text or use a handheld phone while driving.

Advanced Safety Features Help to Protect Drivers of All Ages

NJ Subaru dealership showroomEven with these steps, however, the potential for a collision still exists and distractions can still be tempting. Fortunately, Subaru is constantly taking steps to engineer safer vehicles that can give new and experienced drivers alike the peace of mind they deserve.

Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, for instance, is unparalleled when it comes to offer road gripping confidence and control. Whether it’s in ideal conditions or foul weather, this feature (standard on all Subaru models besides the Subaru BRZ) is an indispensible asset no matter where the road leads.

Bluetooth connectivity can also be invaluable for today’s drivers by offering a hands-free alternative for keeping in touch on the go. By allowing drivers to interact with their compatible smartphone without the use of their hands, this feature can minimize distraction for today’s busy drivers.

Combined with Subaru’s other safety features, including Vehicle Dynamics Control, Smart Braking System, and an array of airbags, these innovations can help to keep drivers of all ages safe no matter where the road leads. To learn more about the 2014 Subaru lineup’s range of safety features, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact our Morristown NJ Subaru dealership online or to call Subaru of Morristown directly at (888) 892-3239.

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Subaru Dealership in NJ Helps Drivers Stay Out of Sticky Situations

Subaru service center in NJWhether you’re headed to work or away for the weekend, chances are that getting stuck on the side of the road isn’t part of your plan. While you might not expect car trouble, there are certain steps that you can take to make sure you’re ready for common problems.

At our Subaru dealership in NJ, we believe that all of our customers should take some time to make sure they’re ready for the unexpected no matter where they’re headed. One of the most common problems that drivers tend to encounter is a dead battery, but this is an easy fix for drivers who are prepared to handle the situation.

Safety is Key When Using Jumper Cables

NJ Subaru service specialsUsing jumper cables is really a relatively simple process; the trick, of course, is having them when you need them. It’s a good idea for every driver to pick up a sturdy set of jumper cables and keep them in the trunk. Whether you use them to jump your own car or to help out another motorist, they can be a real life saver.

Before jumping your vehicle using another car, make sure that the two vehicles are parked without touching one another, with the engines shut off. It’s also a good idea to have insulated gloves with your cables, and to inspect your cables to ensure they’re in good shape before using them.

Once you’re ready, identify the positive and negative cables and battery terminals. In most cases, these are marked with the color red or the (+) symbol indicating the positive and the color black or the (-) symbol indicating the negative.

Attach the cables to the terminals in the following order: the positive cable to the positive terminal of the dead car, the positive cable to the booster car’s positive terminal, and the negative cable to the negative terminal of the booster car. Lastly, clamp the negative cable to a stationary, bare metal surface – a bolt, for instance – on the engine of the dead car.

Once everything is set, start the booster car and let it idle for a few minutes. Then you can try to start the dead car. If successful, let it idle for a few minutes before unhooking the cables in the reverse order you attached them.

If you’re unable to jump your vehicle, you’ll need to have a service vehicle or tow truck come to your location. If your car does start, it’s still a good idea to come in for service; a dead battery can be indicative of other problems, and it’s better to have it checked than to find yourself stranded again on your next drive.

To learn more about how you can prepare for the unexpected, or to schedule an appointment at our NJ Subaru service center, be sure to contact us online or to call Subaru of Morristown directly at (866) 868-4009 today!

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